Monday, February 23, 2009

February 23: Did you sleep?

Hello, I am back! Yes, it has been a while. I wonder why? Do you? Well, these days our hours are just short but as every new parent will say "We are enjoying every moment". Keelan is just a doll, and I am not saying that because she is daughter. She is really a doll. This is going to be a short blog today (and I do not want to sound like a broken record) because I am just tired...oh and my carpal syndrome is a killer, on both hands! Good grief!
Anyway, Keelan is a big girl now, eating about 7 to 8 ounces of her organic Earth's Best formula. She is becoming (no offense to anyone) a granola baby. LOL. Earth friendly diapers, etc.etc. Funny anecdote moment: Keelan is the perfect baby when we go out. Everywhere we go she just sleep, no a sound. A perfect angel, but then, just as we approach the door to enter the building, Waaaaa waaa waaaaaaaaaaaa........................... well you get the picture. We adore her, Keelan is developing a pretty interesting personality. Love her smile.