Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 18: On the way to Alaska, Michigan

On Amtrak for the first time- for me and Keelan.

Keelan loves the window and leave her DNA everywhere.

On her seat, as if...

Beautiful Alaska, MI cottage by the river.

Monday, August 17, 2009

July 2009: April 2009 visit to greatgrandma Paca

Keelan and greatgrandma Paca. Abuela Paca is 102 yrs old.

July 2009: Trip to Puerto Rico

Keelan and...

Titi Provi- Abuelo Chuito's sister

Titi Rosa-abuela Carmen's sister

Titi Celia-abuela Carmen's aunt

Abuela Carmen and Keelan visiting the grave of Titi Ivette and Tio Samuel- Mom's sibblings.

July 2009: Trip to KC, MO

Keelan looking at a family brick a Union Station, Kansas City, MO

The Scanlan-Allende Family
Francis Haydee, William Francis, and Keelan Francis

Keelan and godmother Bailey

Keelan socializing at a street concert in KC.

Daddy and Keelan at the Episcopal Church labyrinth, Independence, Mo

August 17: Swing Keelan Swing

Keelan enjoying the swings at the neighbourhood park.