Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Keelan at 20 weeks old

Just an ultrasound of Keelan.
Today I start my 3rd trimester.
I will get a new ultrasound image.
And all is well in Keelan's world.


William (Dad) said...

This was trip # 3 to the ob triage at Illinois Masonic but the first to the perinatal survelience unit, These trips along with our ob-gyn appointments, DVM (?) appontments, lab work, ultrasounds and my colonoscopy have created an unusual familarity with the staff. I recognize quite a few of them now - Dr. Darrell(our favorite), Dr.Duval (also our favorite) Dr. Rojas (the disturber of the polyp), Dr. King (up and coming protege of Dr. Darrell) Dr. Gerber(?) spanish speking anglo - along with many others. I can also find my way around the place now and know where all the vending and food sources are. One good thing is that I have made a test run 3 times of taking Francis to the hospital but still feel unprepared for THE DAY

William (Dad) said...

Previous comments were for the other story..I'm very excited today to see Keelan again - I feel like I'm meeting a relative - which I am - the type of feeling I used to have when I was going to pick up my Mom at the airport or be picked up by my brother from the airport - that type of love. I miss both of them a great deal and feel like Keelan is a very real connection to them. She is coming from where they are in a sense...I feel I could ask her how they are