Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4: Reflections

Is time to vote. I woke up early today (4:30 am) not by choice-I just did. My first thought of the day today was Keelan. So I called NICU. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that her weight is now "1652", in plain words/numbers we can all understand that is about 3 pounds and 10.5 ounces, another milestone for Keelan. It is amazing to realize, now, that the little things- the ones that seem the must insignificant are those things that make us the happiest.

I am still going through emotions, making sense of all that had happened since the afternoon of October 24. Yet, we still have to officially thank all the people involved and in particularly the nurse that took it upon herself to repeat the test, even when it seemed unnecessary. She was an angel.

On that note, I do believe that there was something special happening on that day. It was Ivette's birthday
, my deceased sister. And as her memories may have nothing to do with Keelan, I am convinced that Ivette was there and watching over, just like an angel. This may sound to many like a cliche, it does not matter to me. On that day, my husband and I witness a miracle. Our gratitude has not limits; and when we think about what would have happened if we had left at the end of the test. What would had happened if we had been inpatient? What would had happened if the nurse would have just done "her work" and not take that extra precaution step? What if...?
Yes, I am convinced, it was a miracle. The signs were there for us to see that she was getting ready to come early. Early in the pregnancy she was "in position", we started to prepare for her really early as well- purchasing the bassinet, arranging the bedroom, etc... We started to make changes when we really did not have to yet. To me, now reflecting upon what had happened, these were signs for us. Our last ultrasound was the most visible sign Keelan was up to something. She was so low in my pelvis that the nurse could not see her face at all.

Maybe we are, or I am reading too much into it. In any case, it is still a miracle she is her with us and that her progress so far has been steady. I am convince this pregnancy was blessed. I can not help it to think about how much we (William and I) wanted Keelan in our lives. She has definitely changed us, her arrival although unexpected, could have not happened at a better time. Thanksgiving is around the corner, and this one will be a very special celebration of life.

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