Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Motherhood and other thoughts

So, I am huge. GRANDE! GRANDE! GRANDE! Oh my gosh! I did not realized how large I have become. My perception of myself was waaaaay off. This photograph was taken on September 25, 2008. So I was about 28 weeks pregnant. Today I am 32 weeks and many still that my belly look small. I am fine with that, what I will not dispute is that the popular opinion is that I look fabulous. I have only gain around 10 pounds since April 2008- the beginning of the pregnancy. Not bad for a first time mother.

I wish my parents were living closer to me- yes maybe a selfish thought but I think they would be enjoying this process (my pregnancy) a lot more and so would I. Some days I wish my mom could see me or help me shopping for baby gear etc. At least I can talk to her on the phone and this is the reason for the blog. The blog is another way to share with her and my dad.

These days I have been wondering about pregnancy and what it does to you. I do not know what it is, but recently, I have been more aware of my students issues. Not that I was not aware before, but now, is like I am really into their lives. Maybe because of the time I spend at work everyday or maybe because with pregnancy I might have become more sensitive of my surroundings. Maybe, the "motherhood mode" is kicking in. I am noticing more around me and especially the pregnant students at my school and their issues. I am amaze and overwhelm with what many of them have to face at such young age. because now, I am "officially official" an adult. A mother! And that is how many of my students see me now. Lucky them, with all this motherhood business I have also become more patient, which works towards their advantage in the classroom. I particularly enjoying the way in which the relationship with my students is developing- the classroom is very pleasant. Never underestimate the emotional capacity of a teenager. Is is surprisingly amazing.

Going back to kicking, yes, Keelan is kicking, moving, poking and every else she can do now, she is doing. According to the book, she can now turn her head towards were the sound is coming. I would love to see that. Unfortunately, we did not get an ultrasound in our last visit, so I am hoping that we will get one on the next. It is pretty amazing to see her move inside you. William and I had been in a "awe" state ever since we saw the first ultrasound. If you think about it it is amazing and almost unbelievable what happens inside you body. I am still in "awe" every time.

The house is currently undergoing many changes, so is William. I have changed, I know, and I hope it is for the best and the better of the new live that soon will come. Let the real games begin! Coming soon December 16.

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