Thursday, November 20, 2008

November 20: Apnea Monitor Training

Well, well, well...we had a training on how to use an apnea monitor. There is just one way t describe it-LOUD- yes, it is loud and there is no volume to tune up or down. Today our trip to NICU was or felt more promising than yesterday. We (William and I and my Mom, who is visiting and helping me during my recovery) had our apnea monitor training, Keelan look and feel grown, and overall the wait to bring her home did not seemed as long as I thought it was. Mostly because I realized that today is Thursday and not Wednesday as I thought (that is what not going to work does to you- you lose track of real time).

Setting up the appointment for the monitor training was pretty easy and the trainer was very nice and easy to understand. Going home with the monitor means that Keelan will still have a "wires" connected for at least 6 to 8 more weeks. At least she will be home and that is all we want. We will not miss NICU at all, and I am sure that Keelan, if she could speak now, will say the same. However, we must say that Keelan have had nothing but the best care possible and that every nurse that have been in contact with Keelan had been very caring to her and sympathetic to us. Of course there is always "one rotten apple" but we want to focus on the positive and on the great people we had come across with. There are many people we want and need to thank.

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