Sunday, November 23, 2008

November 25: Happy First Month

Today is Keelan's first month of life celebration.
A perfect time to give thanks.

Happy First month Keelan!

Her first visit to the pediatrician was today. She is now, 4 pounds and 14 ounces and measures almost 19 inches head to toe. We are happy with her progress. So far no incidents to report about the apnea monitor. Keep us in your prayers. As to our sleep, well, we a re a bit sleep deprived because of her feeding schedule but loving every minute with Keelan.

---To the nurses and doctors at the IL Masonic NICU: thank you again for your wonderful job taking care of Keelan. We could not asked for anything more. And to Priscilla from labor and delivery, we are in eternal gratitude to you for your dedication to your and your intuition, because of it Keelan is here alive and well. Thank you also to the nurses of mother and baby for taking care of me in such a special way.

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