Saturday, December 6, 2008

December 6: Sleep Depravation

ZzzzZzzzZzzZZzzZZz...Keelan is home now and our schedules had dramatically changed. Needless to say that we have to come up with very creative ways to reorganize our old schedule to fit our new life as parents. No one told us about not sleeping, sure some jokes were made about the issue... I thought it was all a joke. No no no, not a joke at all. None of the books we read about pregnancy and parenthood mentioned that really, one does not all.
Finally we worked out a schedule that seems to work. William tends to Keelan from 4am to 12pm then goes to work. I take care of her from noon to midnight. Then we "sleep", to do it all over again the next day. Just recently we have also been able to add a few "social" activities to our schedule. I have to say it feels great to socialize with other adults. Not that we are not enjoying Keelan, we are, but I have not really been out the house for anything but to go the grocery store and things of that sort, in addition, I am not working due to the maternity leave, so you can image. I have become a TV junkie-housewife of sort. This is not so like me-I see myself more like one of those working mothers (of course being a homemaker is a job in itself) but I was born to work outside the house, I miss my classroom. So, the new challenge for me is to learn how to juggle a career, a marriage, the home and the baby. I know this will be an interesting, exciting and wonderful journey.

I will continue this entry later as I have now to feed Keelan...this is our time to bond. Good night or good morning...

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