Friday, June 25, 2010

June 25 2010: While Keelan is asleep

Garage sale on the alley, beans cooking on the stove and Keelan is asleep. The perfect time to blog. I have not blogged for a while....I wonder why not.

It is a slow day today I am making baked beans, it takes a long time to bake and then I have to mix the molasses, salt pork, etc. I love cooking...oh the Andy Warhol song is on, Keelan is dancing up the storm-she loves music and specially David Bowie songs. Back to cooking, summer, I can say is my favorite part of the year. School is over, days are slow and I can spend more time with my family and also cooking. Speaking of cooking, one of the projects I have started this summer is to document the recipes I create. I want to write a recipe book for Keelan.

Asparagus and Leek soup with Prosciutto ham

I am still have to work on the presentation but this soup was delicious. This week I will be making baked beans with bacon and salt pork cooking now.

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