Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 27: Peace and quiet

All is peaceful at home. I just returned from the Farmer's Market, I just can not get enough of it. The "market" is the best thing ever, since we started to attend, we no longer shop at the "big" grocery store. It is just such a pleasure to stroll on the street, talk to friends or just start a conversation with a neighbour. It is a very enjoyable feeling to share. We ( when I say we I refer to me and William), have established a relationship with some of the vendors. That is something you can not do at Jewel.
Today it was raining when Keelan and  woke up. So, William stayed home with Keelan and I went to the market by myself. Yes, it was nice to not have to think of others, but it is not the same without the family. Now, going to the market is the thing to do on Sundays- our family day-. So I rather that we are all together when is time to get groceries.
I purchase white fish from Michigan and the a new root-cabbage like- that I am going to try. I do not know the name, my friends at Radical Roots said that it was good. I will visit their website to find the name of the root I purchase from them. Oh the baked beans were time I will try it with "soldier beans", I used "pink beans" this time and I believe that the beans absorbed too much liquid so it was not as saucy as I expected the baked beans to be. This week I am trying a new salad mix and beets.

This is Keelan's artsy portrait, in this photo she looks like Ivette (QPD).

This is a picture of William and Tom's garage sale this weekend

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